KAPOS is a company focused on creating custom software from analysis to implementation including project management, customer support and administration. We implement and provide administration of multilayer server applications based on Oracle DB, MS SQL or PostgreSQL, Internet and intranet solutions based on Oracle AS and IIS or Tomcat. The main criterion of success is the degree of customer satisfaction and lasting good relations. The cooperation does not end after handing over a system, but continues in the form of technical assistance, training and other related services including administration of software and hardware.
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Interesting Products
SPR - A system to support decision making
of regional and local governments
Support for major decision situations at regional and local governments.
AGC - A system for presentation of agricultural norms
Numerical and verbal agricultural standards- norms.
Document management
Evidence of documents and tracking their movements in the process of execution.
Internet systems for collection and presentation of data
Customs statistics. System for the collection of statistical data from respondents.
Our major customers are among others:
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